Best Hamster Cages

Hamster cages are an essential part of your pet’s experience, and when you want to keep them happy and healthy, as well as keep your living space clean, you’ll need to invest in a complete environment that’s right for both of you. Having a pet hamster is a blast and makes a great gift for kids, as well as adults. Here we offer a few tips about hamster cages such as price, sizes, and how to build your own. We’ve also got some advice on how to clean your cage and much more to get you moving in the right direction. But let’s begin with our top ten hamster cages so that you can compare the prices, features, and designs.

Hamster Cages

Top 10 Hamster Cages

#1: Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Assembly is easy with this fun and vibrant hamster cage. The plastic is durable so that you don’t have to worry about the hamster escaping or warping to occur, and there are plenty of accessories included to make the experience of owning hamsters even more enjoyable. While the hamster cage is spacious, you’ll find it easily fits into any room in your home.

#2: Kaytee CritterTrail Primary Habitat

Hamster cages should be made with quality materials for a safe living space, and Kaytee has done an excellent job with this simple and easy to assemble home for hamsters. Expanding their home for more exercise just takes a few accessories, and they are quick to add on. It’s fun to watch pet hamsters play and enjoy their environment, and this cage gives them everything they need to stay healthy.

#3: Super Pet Crittertrail One-Level Habitat

This hamster cage makes a perfect gift for that kid in your life that wants to have a pet in their room. The pink adds a fun splash of color, and it’s transparent, so you won’t miss any of the action as the hamster runs on the wheel and refreshes with a drink of water from the bottle that is included. Plus, you can buy more accessories to expand the habitat, and your little critters can get even more exercise. 

#4: IRIS 3-Tier Hamster Cage

This is the perfect one-stop-shop for your hamster! You’ll get the food dish, water bottle, and an exercise wheel with the purchase, and there is even a little house for them to relax in that you can remove whenever you want. The three stories will give your pet plenty of chances to play and get a change of scenery, and you can easily bring your hamster out through the two openings.

#5: YML 2 Level Blue Hamster Cage

If you want a reliable hamster cage that comes with the essential accessories like a hamster wheel and a house for resting in, then this will be a nice choice. The simple design will make it easy to see the hamster and watch it enjoy the living space. And the best part is you can’t go wrong with the amount of space you get for the price!

#6: Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Hamster Cage

This single level space will be ideal for first-time hamster owners. There is room for exercising and relaxing, and it’s easy to keep clean. The assembly is quick and straightforward, and you’ll be pleased that the hamsters can’t chew through the wires or plastic. Your hamster will love that they can play and run in the wheel while waiting for nap and meal times. It fits comfortably in any classroom or bedroom and can be moved with ease to different locations when necessary.

#7: Prevue Pet Products Hamster Haven

Your hamster will have plenty of space to explore and roam when you get this three level cage. There’s a slide, a wheel for running, a hideaway for relaxing and playing, and a platform for getting a new view. Your hamster will love this cage, and you’ll have hours of fun watching them go from level to level.

#8: Ferplast Hamster Cage

All of the accessories you’ll need to keep your pet happy are included in this hamster cage. The see through base makes it easy to maintain the cages cleanliness, and you’ll love that you can watch as your hamster runs on the wheel or catch a nap in the house.

#9: Kaytee My First Home Habitat for Hamster

If you have someone in your life that wants a hamster for a pet, but has never had one, this cage is an excellent way to get started. You won’t have to worry about the hamster escaping, and the front opening allows you to easily remove the pet when bringing them out to play in their running ball or to enjoy a larger opening for exercise.

#10: NiteangeL® Natural Living Tunnel System

If you want a living atmosphere that is a little unique for your hamster then here as an option for you. Your little critter will love the exploring the two-story natural home that promotes exercise because of the climbing and playing they’ll be doing. There are some fantastic accessories that you can buy separately if you want to enhance the living space and make it bigger. 

Hamster Cage Selection Tips

Whether you are selecting hamster cages for yourself, or you’re planning on giving one as a gift, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. By following a few simple hamster cage selection tips, you and the hamster will enjoy the living environment that you choose.

#1: Be mindful of the size of hamster you have when selecting tubes and cages to ensure that they don’t get stuck and are uncomfortable. There are dwarf hamsters that will comfortably fit in all accessories, and even have pens that are designed specifically for their size, so read the measurements carefully before purchasing.

#2: The more space your hamsters have, the healthier they will be. Hamsters like have a separate area to use the bathroom in, eat in, sleep in, and play in. To keep your hamster healthy, be sure that you’re giving them the room they need and you’ll find they are a delight to watch as they frolic about their day.

#3: Pay attention to how many access points there are and how easy the pet will be to remove when you want to give them more space to play or need to clean the cage. Also, make sure the hamster cage is well ventilated and easy to clean (because you’ll be doing this often).

Types of Hamster Cages

The different hamster cages will all offer their own unique features, and it’s up to you to decide which will be right for you and your pet. If you plan on adding running tubes that are attached to the living space, then look for a cage that accommodates those needs. You can get single, double, and triple decker hamster cages, and you’ll want to make sure that you have room in your home for the one that you select. You’ll be impressed with the number of options available, and you can even get cages that have carrying handles if you plan on using them in a classroom setting.

Hamster Cage Sizes

Sizes for hamster cages range from small living spaces for dwarf hamsters to larger cages for multiple pets. Make sure you learn about the species of hamster you plan on getting to ensure that you match their size with the right cage. And remember – the more room you provide for your hamster, the more exercise and enjoyment they’ll get out of their atmosphere and the healthier they’ll be. 

Hamster Cage Prices

Hamster cage prices range anywhere from twenty dollars, on up to a few hundred dollars. Most will come with accessories such as an exercise wheel, a water bottle, and a food bowl, as well as a small house for sleeping. Make sure that the materials used to build the hamster cages are durable, and you’ll find that the larger the cage, the more the cost. However, you will get what you pay for in the end. Many of the less expensive hamster cages will work perfectly for one hamster, but if you want to expand it, the accessories will come separately.

Hamster Cage Plans

If you want to build your own hamster cage, one of the simplest and most popular DIY cages is with a plastic bin. All you need are some zip ties, cage wire, duct tape, nuts, bolts, washers, a large plastic bin with a lid, and a few tools.

When selecting a bin, makes sure the inside is smooth so that the hamster can’t climb out and doesn’t have anything to chew on. If you want to make this a fun project and jazz up your hamster cage then select products like duct tape, zip ties, and the lid to the bin (you’ll want the base to be clear and transparent), that is colorful and fun, and even easy to draw on.

How to Build a Hamster Cage (step by step)

#1: With a sharp knife, cut a square out of the lid in the center that will be covered with cage wire for ventilation. You’ll also need to do this to two of the sides to make sure that the hamster gets plenty of air. Make sure that you keep the side vents high in the bin, so the hamster isn’t tempted to chew!

#2: Next, cut the wire so that it overlaps the square openings that you’ve created. You should have three pieces of custom cut wire for this.

#3: About one inch above the cuts you’ve made, you’ll want to create a hole every two inches for the zip ties to go through. Because you’re working with plastic, you should find a way to melt the plastic to make the hole. You can use a soldering iron, or heat something metal to push through. Pay close attention that you are following all safety precautions when doing this.

#4: Attach the wire to the outside of the square openings using the zips ties every couple of inches. You can file down anything that is sharp or sticking out. Once the zip ties are all attached, then go along the outside with duct tape so that it is smooth over the edge of the wires. The tape will outline the squares and you should be left with a bin that is nicely ventilated.

#5: Now it’s time to add the accessories like a water bottle, an exercise wheel, and a food dish, as well as a space for sleeping. You can add the wheel with a nut, bolt, and washer, and you can choose how you want to design the inside of your cage based on the size bin you bought.

Additional Cage Information

Now that you know more about hamster cages and what qualities they should have, you can decide whether you want to build your own, or if you want to buy one that can incorporate running tubes and other accessories. However, regardless of your decision, you’ll also want to know how to clean your hamster cage so that you keep everything fresh and enjoyable for years to come.

How to Clean your Hamster Cage

Here are a few steps that you should follow when cleaning your hamster cage:

#1: Make sure you have a safe space to keep your hamster when you clean the cage and put them there before doing anything else.

#2; Move everything out of the hamster cage and clean the items that you’re keeping such as newer toys, the water bottle, and feeding dish, and throw away old bedding and toys.

#3: Disinfect the entire cage from the inside out with a cloth and make sure that you scrub everything off. If you have a few trouble spots, you can soak them to help break up the problem.

#4: Make sure the cage is completely dry before reassembling and adding the new bedding, so it is nice and dry when the hamster is put back in its environment. Now, you can add fresh food and water and toys.

Good luck choosing your next hamster cage whether it’s your first, second, or you’re giving it as a gift!